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¿Ensaimada o churros con chocolate?

Do you want to enjoy ensaimada or churros with chocolate for breakfast or as a dessert? Then come to Mallorca! The choice is difficult, but you can try both.


The ensaimada is the favorite souvenir for everyone who visits Mallorca. The truth is that both visitors and locals love equally this sweet, to consume either with a coffee or as a dessert. People usually say that it is impossible to reproduce the genuine flavor from “Ensaimadas de Mallorc”a in other parts of Spain. Something will have to do with the weather, the humidity of the island and the expertise of the Mallorcan pastry chefs, who knows!

ensaimada mallorca

It has been made for at least 400 years with bread flour, water, sugar, eggs, yeast and lard or saïm (hence its name). On the island the real ensaimada is the one that is empty and is called “lisa”. But there are some stuffed with pumpkin cream, cream and even chocolate. A special variety is called “ensaimada of tallades” containing sausage and sweet pumpkin a peculiar and very tasty combination.

Chocolate con churros

The “chocolate con churros” is a typical dish of the traditional spanish cuisine spread in countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela for more than a century. It is eaten as breakfast at very early hours and sometimes served as a snack. This breakfast is a balanced contrast of flavors, bitter sweetness from chocolate mixed with salty and oily aromas of crispy churro make an ideal couple.

chocolate con churros

Chocolate con churros is, apart from a breakfast or a snack, a social event. In some countries like Cuba (such as in Spain in the late XVIII century) it is associated with a food served during the “feast wakes”.

The most popular variant from chocolate con churros it is churros with coffee served in the same places. In some places there are other variations of chocolate con churros, such as batons, waffles with chocolate and even donuts. There are variations, usually served at street stalls, carrying the chocolate (usually thicker) incorporated within the interior of the churro. In Argentina it is also common churros filled with dulce de leche or custard.

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